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Trippel Trap Sinterklaasboekje

Het is tijd om weer flink te gaan oefenen voordat Sinterklaas naar Nederland komt. Hopelijk hoeft hij niet in Quarantaine... Maar jij komt in ieder geval beslagen ten ijs met dit leuke Trippeltrap Sinterklaasboekje!

Of je gaat meteen voor het 'O o o Denneboom Boekje'. Allemaal kersthits voor op je ukulele!

One Finger Tutorials

De UkeMaster shows you how to play Satisfaction and other songs with one-finger-chords only! WATCH THE VIDEOS

Vicky Vinger - Onaf Levenslied

Talent in de Tent,.... Wie volgt? Heb jij een zelf geschreven lied? Voor de draad ermee. Vicky Vinger bijt je kop eraf met een zelf geschreven Onaf Levenslied.

Tonight You Belong To Me

Although we don't really care about Valentine's Day we suddenly felt the urge to record this lovely song. Oh how sweet... We also made a special animation for the song, so it's a premiere, too. You can also PLAY ALONG with the song!

Paradijs Video's

One of our ukulele (play along) video's! We do songs in Spanish, Engiish and Dutch ;)

De R zit weer in de maand, de chocoladeletters en pepernoten liggen weer in de winkel, er kunnen alvast weer Sinterklaas- en Kerstliedjes geoefend worden.

Ukulele Play Along

Ukulele Play Along

This is an on-line app to play along with YouTube videos. The chords and text are shown synchronously along with the videos. Every week we publish a new video to play along in the FREE PLAYLIST
At the moment we are working on an improved version for mobile devices.

Chord Finder / Incoming Message

"Hi Marcel, I hope you speak English. I just wanted to say that I have been using your Ukulele Chordfinder app to play ukulele for 10 years now and I only just decided to reach out to you and tell you what an amazing app it was and how much it helped me learn ukulele! Thank you so much. I know it's been 17 years since you made it because it says 2003 in the version I have downloaded and kept all this time. I still haven't found anything better than your app! Especially because I prefer to play my uke in a soprano D tuning and no other website or app expects that. I hope you are doing well and once again thankyou for sharing your ukulele gift ???? all the best from England!"


The Ukulele Chord Finder has been on-line for 20 YEARS!

We started the (Sheep Entertainment) Ukulele Chord Finder back in 1998. It is an on-line app to find chords in 2 directions, so also by just clicking the finger positions.

Leer Ukulele Spelen

1. Onze GRATIS NTR cursus
2. Online lessen(huiswerkklas)
3. WORKSHOPS in het Ukulele Paradijs
4. Skype Les - UkeMaster
5. Privé Lessen
6. Ukulele Play Along
7. Chord Finder

Chord Finder

Ukulele Chord Finder

The Ukulele Chord Finder has been on-line for more than 20 YEARS! We started the (Sheep Entertainment) Ukulele Chord Finder back in 1998. It is an on-line app to find chords in 2 directions, so also by just clicking the finger positions.

Ukulele in de klas

Dit is een online lesprogramma dat op school gebruikt kan worden. Het vergt weinig voorkennis van de leerkracht die dit in de klas wil gebruiken. Meer op: www.ukuleleindeklas.nl


De artiesten van Het Ukulele Paradijs zijn te boeken. Bv:
• Workshop op uw of onze locatie
• Optredens van Jan en Els / Trio Maria Mejor / Farter Family etc..
• Ukulele Play Along voor feesten en festivals
Meer op: Boekingen


My Second Farter Family Songbook is the latest songbook we have made. It contains very nice and authentic Country and Folk songs and is very beautiful illustrated. More details in the webshop. We ship to the whole world!

Ukemaster Ukemaster AppStore

UkeMaster for iPhone

The UkeMaster will help you find ukulele chords. It contains both basic and advanced chords. It also finds the chordname if you press the finger settings. 4 different tunings. more...


Zoek je een ukulele? We hebben een heel mooi starterspakket en daarnaast nog tal van andere ukuleles! Uit eigen keuken hebben we 5 boekjes

Ukulele TV

Ukulele TV

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